Roles and Responsibilities Of A Supplier Auditor

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Sourcing is one of the most famous strategies that is utilized by different multinational organizations to obtain goods and services from certain external sources. This is mainly done for maintaining the system of supply chain management. Supply chain management is bound by certain rules and regulations, and different professionals’ minds. In this aspect of a business, a supplier auditor needs to take good care of the quality of goods and services that are provided to different organizations as per requirements. Such an auditor needs to be very responsible for executing different types of processes under sourcing. Sourcing most essentially needs negotiations on prices, schedule, and the number of products or services so they need to take care of that functionality too.

A supplier sourcing auditor’s main duty is to analyze the quality of goods and services that are provided to companies within the very given schedule. Maintaining a proper time while reaching items to companies determines such an auditor’s ability to perform tasks. In short, that is named “punctuality” and sourcing is all about that. A company will always want its products or services to get delivered in or before time so that those can be presented for their different kinds of works. Such an auditor needs to perform his/her best for getting the sourcing business going.

Duties Of a Supplier Sourcing Auditor

A supplier sourcing auditor is a believer in the sourcing industry. Other than sourcing, the procurement industry also needs such an auditor for executing certain stuff. In terms of challenges, they are said to have been facing a lot and still performing their best utilizing their experience and skills to the most. Read below to know their duties.

  • Such an auditor is required to plan and schedule audits and assess the potentials and capabilities of suppliers. These audits and inspections are normally carried out at on-site locations where the manufacturing of goods and services takes place. For doing such things, a supplier auditor needs to be very wise and alongside, he/she needs to use his/her skills for picking the right suppliers up for sourcing.
  • Such an auditor ensures that proper and corrective actions are taken and implemented on products or processes. This is a very essential aspect to cover by a supplier sourcing auditor. It is necessary when certain products or processes are unhealthy rather have some defects which may lead to letting down a company’s, a customer’s or a client’s satisfaction. Therefore, this needs to be done with cleverness and every process and product needs to be checked thoroughly before proceeding onto the delivery part.
  • Supplier sourcing auditors are also required to influence companies and rank suppliers by rating their developmental processes and sending reviews to companies. Alongside, they need to review the price rates and quality costs of suppliers. Pushing suppliers to be the best in their genre is the best possible way to maintain a good and healthy relationship with them. Accordingly, they also provide their best in managing the supply chain along with such a supplier sourcing auditor.
  • Such an auditor needs to use innovative technologies and other advancement programs for conducting the digital supply chain system. The digital supply chain system is one of the most important functional elements in a sourcing business as that encourages a lot of users to go for purchasing goods and services for their businesses.

It is to understand that there are four main pillars of the supply chain management that need to be run well for giving enough strength to a sourcing business for reaching heights – Sustainability, Agility, Traceability, and Predictability. A supplier auditor can utilize these pillars to enable the visibility and transparency of data across the entire supply chain system. It, therefore, makes processes easier and authentic. Furthermore, a supplier audit can undergo certain measures for revealing potential risks and an auditor can provide insights and work on his/her skills to ensure that problems have been cut out and the supply chain system is ideally maintained in a sourcing company. Such an auditor also showcases an inducing nature in providing customers with enhanced satisfaction.

A supplier sourcing auditor needs to maintain a report of all the duties he/she performs along with the duties performed by his/her team. The report primarily includes details of the factory, including location and key team members, key points that require proper attention which is meant to provide more details regarding general comments and faults, and a summary of audit results. A supplier auditor needs to have enough experience and knowledge about how to perform certain above-mentioned tasks for causing benefits to the sourcing industry and organizations.

Such an auditor needs to go through certain skill tests for gaining the tag of professionalism. Anyway, this is assured that they are the most important persons in a sourcing company as they have been performing their tasks efficiently and effectively.

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