4 Major Advantages of Conducting a Supplier Audit

by Procurement Freelancers Team

With the growth of the supply chain, certain risk factors generate. Similarly, with the arrival of every new supplier, the threat of poor performance generates. This can essentially lead to the disruption of the quality of products and services supplied. To keep this in control and prevent it over time, a supplier audit is undoubtedly an effective path to examine the quality of suppliers and the risk they throw at the organizations upon their arrival. The main fight has always been to maintain and improve the quality. Thus, an organization will obviously do what it feels is right. Now, to conduct and execute the supplier audit ideally, you need to have an experienced supplier auditor on board. Such a professional is always going to benefit your business.

Procurement is all about learning, understanding, experiencing, and executing. On your journey to this field, the only thing that conquers throughout is quality. Without quality, no product or service can be utilized in the best possible way. Since procurement has almost all things covered for the betterment, it should also have the aspect of supplier audit to ensure the safety of organizations. Keeping the supplier on track will help you give a proper boost to the quality of items.

Pros of Conducting a Supplier Audit

Supplier issues can undoubtedly be worst for your company. These can also cause harm to your customers. Thus, to avoid such issues, a supplier audit is essentially needed to conduct with the help of an efficient supplier auditor. Read below to know in detail about the 4 major advantages to come across.

Adopting Organizational Quality Standards

The quality of your final product or service highly depends on your supplier’s quality. It will always make sense if you establish the same set of standards across the supply chain for building consistency in quality. You can easily track industry regulations and standards once you have compliance with customer quality management system requirements. These regulations and standards can also be managed effectively with the help of an electronic quality management system. A supplier audit here will be able to uncover any non-compliant material and can set a plan to run endlessly for ensuring conformance to the standards of the industry.

Practicing Effective Document Management

A supplier audit will always make sure that all quality documents related to a supplier are safely kept in place and properly achieved. All nonconformances, inspections, and supplier approvals are essentially verified during the process of the audit. So, generating casualties while running a proper quality check is never an option. The auditor here ensures that all quality documents are protected and managed properly to cut out all possibilities of disruption.

Identifying Areas of Potential Risk

During the supplier audit, a supplier auditor does a complete post-mortem of a product or service for ensuring its excellence in operations throughout its age. Any gap in the manufacturing process, supplier quality process, shipping process, and engineering change process will be caught in the audit. This will effectively lead to alerting the manufacturer or any other professional which will again lead to the closure of the loop of nonconformance’s, deviations, or delays.

Improving Supplier Communication

Not only a supplier audit improves quality, but it also improves the relationship between a manufacturer and its supplier. The audit helps manufacturers get proper visibility into supplier-related activities while developing an open exchange of information and full transparency between both of them. If the audit is scheduled regularly, the relationship will tend to improve more and more while meeting objectives over time.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Having different types of stages run, a supplier audit can effectively define quality objectives and enhance the quality of goods and services while introducing them to markets. Investigation into areas of risk can bring good changes to your goods and markets. This can be an ultimatum to great customer satisfaction. Since customers are everything to your business, having them tried your product can undoubtedly help you understand whether it is doing well in the market or not. A supplier auditors’ performance has always been very efficient and extraordinary which has always led customers to feel great with products or services.

The quality of your supplier as well as your products or services can only be checked or inspected through a supplier audit. By now, many organizations in the world have started conducting suppliers for the betterment of their supplier items. Since a company’s reputation is directly connected to the quality of items it sells, taking a casual approach to this aspect is simply not acceptable. If you are accustomed to gaining lots of profits from your business, you need to have a supplier audit process run ideally and carefully. This will undoubtedly ensure the safety of your organization while introducing accountability into the supply chain.

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