Preparing Supply Chain for Looming COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

by Procurement Freelancers Team

A successful program for a strong immunization process is ensured by the supply chain procurement experts through structuring an effectively functioning, end-to-end logistics and supply chain system. Whenever a vaccine is manufactured, it needs to be stored carefully and with full-proof protection. There comes the vital role of a supply chain as it makes sure the vaccine is stored, handled, and the stock is managed properly. A robust supply chain management also contributes to the meticulous temperature monitoring in the cold chain and maintenance of required information for executing proper logistics management system. The final objective is to make sure that quality vaccines are made available from manufacturing companies to the service-delivery levels in an uninterrupted way so that vaccination procedures are not missed out or delayed because of the unavailability of vaccines. A small kink in the complete procedure such as logistics delay or issues with cold transport could be a catastrophe for the vaccine distribution process.

There are primarily four challenges that supply chains need to solve quickly in order to enable a potent distribution of coronavirus vaccine to the world.

Absence of transparency in the cold chain

There are quite a number of companies who are up to producing the vaccine for novel coronavirus. All these companies require to be updated with specific information about the product subcomponents, condition, location of products, timing, and raw materials on the basis of real-time data and information. This can be made possible by the procurement agents in UK who use new-age technologies and automated tools to make sure every data is accurately placed, and calculations are done appropriately to avoid any miscalculations. What are the real-time temperature, data for humidity, and location for the mortal products? Is there proper management to look after the transportation of the products? Have the mortal products degenerated in the container stuck at the port? Is there proper availability of the time-sensitive biomedical ingredients or has it ended up in the quarantine? How will these factors impact the delivery of perishable products? How can the supply chain managers control these situations? Inspection at this level is necessary for improving the velocity through points of obstruction in the supply chain.

Pharmaceutical companies are recommended to arm their supply chain experts with these kinds of detailed and accurate information and couple them with actionable intelligence so that they can keep an eye on what is moving out, have an idea about the obstruction points of the products, make use of these data to re-route.

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Temperature tours

The organic supply chain is prevalent with a number of shortcomings that effectively range from preventing excursions of temperature to achieving hundred percent compliance with the regulations declared by the FDA. As the world is becoming more and more impatient to accelerate the vaccine manufacturing process, the urge to maintain a temperature-controlled supply chain has become a vital priority. An improperly maintained temperature control system within the chain could jeopardize the stability and quality of the vaccine production, thereby spell disaster for compliance of the globally shipped product.

Optimizing the cold chain

When the procurement experts understand the agility caused in the supply chain that is exactly when they create visibility for the cold chain. An increase in the visibility through the cold chain ensures that proper knowledge of what is going on inside the cold chain to mobilize the partners and members of the supply chain to act accordingly. Depending on the gravity of the situation, the first company that produces the vaccine for novel coronavirus will undoubtedly need to have extensive knowledge on all the grounds that are associated with the vaccine production. Honestly, just knowing where the products are will not be enough for them but required visibility from their end will be.

Visibility can be increased by implementing the use of technologies such as cloud computing and Internet of Things devices while focusing on advanced tools such as sensors, machine learning, visuals, and integrated system. This will help improve the manner of the supply sensing systems, thereby enabling quick detection and response to the minimum changes influences, changes, or signals within the supply chain. This will also help increase the insight into the vulnerable points of the cold chain so that data can be analyzed and connected directly to the planning and executing system. This way, obsolescence can be reduced and timely sensing of what is going on inside the cold supply chain can be analyzed.

Serialization issues

Recently manufacturers are also worried about product imitations and diversions. The best example for this is the COVID-19 test kits, as many of them show inaccurate results and are produced in huge quantities. The serialization method can be implemented to effectively counterfeit inaccurate results.

The procurement agents in UK can drastically increase the planning and efficiency of vaccine distribution to the emerging markets by improving the individual dosage-level monitoring. This will not only help the accurate transfer of vaccines from easy routes but, also from remote locations.

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