Worried About the Production of Poor-quality Apparels? Six Main Issues You Might Not Be Assessing

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Customers across the world are becoming more conscious about the quality of products they are using. A business owner might have a system set up in his organization that takes care of the quality of the garments. He might even have employed people to run the quality control system properly. Having all the sectors within the quality system properly, what do you consider the internal processes like sewing and focusing on producing defect-free garments? Or have you been feeling that is letting a quality control system will mean an end to all the problems and the defect generation? If you really think so, that might not be the end of all your problems. There are several causes leading to the manufacture of products with inadequate quality that you might overlook to act.

In this context, you will go through the six root causes that your quality control freelancer needs to check to manufacture products of enhanced quality.

1. You might not be aware of the quality

In other words, when your quality control team is not aware of the quality of the products, it becomes the root cause of defects in the product quality. Checking the quality does not specifically means monitoring the details of products-specific construction or the trims connected to a specific order. It simply means if the concerned people are really concerned about the quality of orders or if the quality control team knows about the order. All it takes is a few concerned people to be aware of the quality requirement. If there is complete awareness, it can drop a lot of problems just by using their common sense. Lack of proper awareness cannot cut the problems easily.

To enhance quality awareness, the owner can conduct meetings or workshops, or might even employ quality control experts to do the same.

product quality

2. Handling the material in an unprofessional way

Raw materials must go through a long pathway before they are converted to finished goods. They should be stored properly before transferring to the internal departments. Whoever oversees this task must do it properly without mishandling the raw materials. One of the major reasons behind the production of poor-quality products is poor handling of the raw materials. You may find deposits of dust on the fabrics of the material, especially when the garments are left uncovered. Chances are that the materials might get stains on them if anyone has laid them down on the bare floor. All these things must be watched properly by the experts who are given the responsibility of handling the material.

3. Inaccessibility of proper quality management tools

If you think that you can improve the quality of the products without measuring it, you are highly mistaken.

A plethora of quality management theories is out there in the market and several systems to take care of the quality of products. These theories and systems must be acquired by the garment manufacturing companies so that they can deliver the best quality products to the target customers. Having the new-age and proper tools to measure the parameters and check the quality of products. Those tools that include meetings and formats must be accurately assessed by the quality control experts so that they can focus on producing superior quality products that satisfy the customer’s requirement.

4. Raw material of inferior quality

Most often the garment manufacturing industries try and compromise on the quality of products to control the cost of manufacturing.

Of course, the garment manufacturers have the freedom to buy whatever raw materials they find suitable. But this has a significant role to play in the quality problem they faced while sewing the products, cutting, and finishing them. The problems faced by manufacturers might necessarily be due to the trims and poor fabrics used. When the problem lies in the product’s quality, the business owners not only face problems with the production of defective garments but also face problems with the increased costs required to maintain the quality of products.

For example, the fabrics that are dyed with the local cotton tapes cause damage, if the colors are not fixed properly.

garment machine maintenance

5. Machines that are not maintained properly

Most of the defects caused in the production of decent quality products are due to the presence of faulty machines. These defects include defects in pressing, sewing, and cutting. When you are investing so much to produce quality products then you are recommended to check if any machine or machines is/are malfunctioning. Malfunctioning machines on the line can interfere with the production of quality products.

For example, hanging the tags for machine maintenance can make sure the machine is maintained regularly.

6. Untidy workshops and floor

Yes, there is a connection between having a tidy floor and well-working machines online and the production of excellent quality products. Having cluttered floors and machines may put oil spots, hard stains, and soil marks on the garments.

All the points mentioned above are very crucial and needs to be looked after by the quality control freelancers on a regular basis. Trying to be improving these issues can help you keep the quality of products.

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