The Necessity Of Subcontractors In Procurement

Nowadays, the concept of procurement goes hand in hand with subcontractors and agents. When it is a matter of obtaining services and goods, procurement agencies and domestic subcontractors play a major role. Several business organizations are hiring procurement subcontractors for their projects because they come with lots of benefits. From having specialized talent to being flexible, subcontractors have become crucial for many companies. With projects becoming more global and complex, handing over the task to subcontractors has risen to be a strategic benefit.

How Does Procurement Work?

Procurement can simply be defined as the process of obtaining or buying services or goods. This might be an act of public procurement (for a government agency) or private procurement (for own business purposes).

The entire procurement process is a little more complicated than it actually sounds. It involves a lot of steps until the final decision for purchasing is made. First and foremost, you need to determine the kind of service or goods you need. This is followed by finding the right supplier, setting the price and maintaining all finance details. But before making the deal, ensure you have a procurement contract. This is the legal document between the agent and the supplier. Only after signing the contract can you proceed with the plan for the project.

Who Are Subcontractors And Agents?

The chain of procurement is long and it is imperative for you to know about each one’s role before diving into it. Both procurement subcontractors and agents play a crucial part in the procurement process and you must select the one from whom you would benefit the most.


A subcontractor works directly under the main contractor. His work is to do the job on behalf of the main contractor when he is unable to take part in the project. The contractor needs approval from the buyer in order to bring a subcontractor into the project. Everything that the subcontractor does is related to the responsibility taken by the contractor, who has to oversee if the subcontractor is maintaining the obligations and staying true to the requirements and the quality mentioned in the contract.


An agent overlooks the procurement process right from the beginning till the end. From monitoring the budget to negotiating with the supplier, it is the job of the procurement agents to make sure that the operation runs smoothly. Agents mostly work in the manufacturing industry and also in public institutions where there is a constant need to purchase supplies. It is the responsibility of the agent to properly select and buy the goods or services. He has to analyze information regarding the contractors and the products before making a decision.

Why Are Subcontractors Necessary?

The Following Are Some Of The Reasons Why Subcontractors Are Hired By Companies For The Expansion Of Their Business:

Adapting To Economic Cycles

Every industry has certain periods of growth as well as contraction. As you hire a procurement subcontractor, it will be easier for you to adapt to these changing cycles of demand. This improves flexibility within the organization. During contraction periods, you can release the subcontractors instead of going for a company lay-off. At the same time, during the high season, you can quickly get the subcontractors on board.

Lowering Overhead And Labor Costs

Working with subcontractors helps in keeping the overhead costs on the lower side. It is not necessary to provide employee benefits to the hired subcontractor, thus reducing the cost considerably. Also, they come at cheaper rates in comparison to hiring full-time staff within the payroll of your company. Once the major part of the project is handled by the subcontractor, your employees can simply give the finishing touch and be done with it.

Limiting Capital Investments

When you decide to hire a subcontractor, you are automatically getting access to specialized skills and modern equipment without having to make a large capital investment. The compensation provided to the subcontractor helps him to upgrade the skills and equipment, and your company does not have to spend extra on this. This is one of the strategic benefits that organizations get from working with a subcontractor.

Subcontractors are a vital part of any procurement process. Be it for private procurement or public procurement, subcontractors see to it that the overall performance of the organization improves. Given their varied work experience, procurement subcontractors boast of a rather large clientele. They carry out the otherwise complex process of receiving goods rather easily. Also, their contribution is endless when it is a matter of delivering the project within a certain period of time.

Therefore, before you embark on a project, finding the right subcontractor is very crucial for your success. Partnering with a reliable subcontractor will ensure that the operation runs without any hurdles and you emerge successful at the end of the day.

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