How to buy masks?

by Charles Zhang

Why is mask so important? 

Because the new coronavirus is mainly spread by droplets. Infected people spread the virus through the mouth and nose, even the cornea, by sneezing or coughing droplets. Masks are the most effective means of blocking the spread of droplets. It’s even more important to prevent spreading the droplets out. If there are 5 people in a room, every one wearing a normal mask will be more safe for you than just you have a N95 for yourself.  

A lot of people are purchasing masks, we did the same thing two months ago, and there are a lot of experts who have done it to us. Share these experiences with you now. 

There are generally four types of masks you can see in the market.

1. N95 Mask

2. Medical surgical masks

3. Medical disposable mask

4. Quasi-medical disposable mask

5. Fake medical disposable masks

We will focus on the first four, the fifth can see the back of which video, the middle layer burned up is a fake mask.

First of all, ordinary people don’t need N95 at all. Please leave the N95 to the medical staff. Many trials have shown that N95 masks do not significantly outperform ordinary medical masks in the general population. In outpatient clinics and wards, patients cough frequently, the environment is very large, medical staff need additional protection. So please be sure to leave the N95 to the medical staff who need it most. I and the people around me have never bought or worn an N95 mask. If you’re unlucky enough to have this pneumonia, don’t care about any masks, because you can’t get infection twice. If you’re a healthy person walking down the street, then all you need is a regular medical mask.

Second, what is the difference between a medical disposable mask and a medical surgical mask? The difference is that surgical masks are more waterproof. The main purpose is to prevent blood from splashing during surgery. So it’s called a medical surgical mask. Similarly, there is little difference between a common medical mask and a surgical mask in preventing droplets. Both masks are basically three-layer structure, the first layer and the third layer are non-woven, the middle layer of the melting cloth is the key to protect the droplets. It’s through static adsorption

It absorbs droplets through electrostatic effects. So the middle layer of melting cloth is the most important. From the appearance, the last four masks look basically the same. The ultimate thing is to distinguish between the fused cloth.

In a video from my other FB, there is an introduction to identifying the fused cloth, which will burn up a fake mask. But it’s too late to test the final product. The most important thing is to find a good supplier.

Finally, it’s important not to be stubborn about buying “medical” masks. The reason for becoming a “medical” mask is due to a sterilization process. The sterilizing material is ethylene oxide. Because the material is toxic, so the formal process to kill bacteria need to be placed in the air environment for 14 days, so that the toxicity is completely degraded. And when everyone is in desperate need of masks, in many cases the time of degradation is not enough.

Ethylene oxide, which is not fully degraded, is toxic and even carcinogenic. Therefore, do not cling to the so-called “medical”. He either really cheats you out of your money or doesn’t have enough time to degrade.

These are the basic problems with masks. Of course, all the “sales” will show you a bunch of certificate-like stuff. If you’re an individual buyer, it’s recommended that you go to a regular online store like Amazon. If you are purchasing from a company. You should work closely with your office in Asia Pacific. Get first-hand information. Because of my work, many of my friends are purchasing managers of Fortune 500 companies. We see that N95 is generally below $1.5, while regular medical masks are all below $0.5. Retail is still profitable.

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