Some Tips Build a Good Profile

by Sang

Your profile is your “shop front” as a Freelancer so it is recommended that you invest the time to include as much information as you can to highlight your skills and credentials. When creating your profile we have a few policies that Freelancers are expected to adhere to. 

Prohibited profiles

All profiles are allowed on Procurement Freelancer Community except for the ones that advertise the following services:

  • Artificial social media followers/likes or product/business reviews (or indications judged carefully at our discretion that the Freelancer included indeed artificial deliverables)

  • Fraudulent listings or offers of any illegal services

  • Spam or listings posted purely for the purpose of promoting another business, website or third-party service.

  • University/ college/ school work.

  • Post listings on other websites for the purpose of evading those websites account processes or policies.


  • include your full name, or contact details in your profile description, work experience description or any other section of your profile. This rule is first and foremost to protect you; we would discourage you from publishing your contact details visible on any public website.  

  • open more than one user account with Procurement Freelancers. Duplicate accounts will be closed;

  • include any links to your website or any third party website anywhere in your profile including your profile image or CV;

  • upload any content to your profile that breaches our terms and conditions including all the obvious things like abusive, offensive, defamatory or infringing content.

  • share your bank account or any other withdrawal method. Such practice is against our Terms and Conditions of Website Use and leads to permanent account suspension. 


  • make sure that all of the information contained in your profile is a true and accurate representation.  Including your name, location and details of your credentials; 

  • as Freelancers, make sure to select your real information about your functional skills and others country where you can work.

  • include a professional image of yourself as your profile image. You can choose to have your company logo instead (if your company profile has been verified with the proper documents) however we strongly recommend a personal photo instead. The PFL marketplace is built on trust and personal photos rather than logos have been shown to make a significant difference to success;

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